Turnkey Modular Floating System Solutions

Candock/WestDock is the only company in the modular floating system business to offer you a turnkey service for all your projects. Candock/WestDock can manufacture according to your requirements any accessories or equipments adapted to your specifications. The result is a turnkey solution letting you deal with one supplier make you save time, money and effort. The risks of non-compatibility between our products and other equipments is therefore eliminated.

Furthermore, Candock/WestDock has qualified personnel to help you with complete project supervision and has extensive experience in international mega size projects. The quality of our installations, products and service is recognized worldwide.

Choosing Candock/WestDock is choosing a successful and problem free project. Keep your stress level low!…choose Candock/WestDock.

Project Management

Candock/WestDock can offer you to take a project from its basic idea and develop it with you until the en of the project. Candock/WestDock can assist you with the conception of the plans, the engineeering, the transport, the installation…basically a complete project realization in a short time delay.